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Transportation Division

To streamline efforts and save financial and personnel resources, the Commission recently merged the Transportation Administration and Enforcement Divisions. The newly-combined Transportation Division consists of seven operating sections.

The Safety Enforcement Section performs safety inspections of motor vehicles operated by interstate and intrastate motor and private carriers, commercial motor vehicles and drivers. Officers enforce compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation safety criteria adopted by the Commission.

The Special Operations Section conducts safety audits on newly-established motor carriers involved in interstate commerce and compliance reviews on interstate and intrastate motor carriers with lower than average safety ratings in conjunction with investigators of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration located in West Virginia. This Section also monitors intrastate taxi carriers.

The Motor Carrier Section conducts registration of intrastate and interstate motor carriers, collects registration fees, filing fees, insurance fees and hazardous materials assessments.

The Hazardous Material Registration Section is responsible for registration of hazardous material transported in the State and for a multi-state project that provides for identification, registration and permitting of commercial motor vehicles carrying these materials in West Virginia.

The Coal Resource Transportation System (CRTS) Section is responsible for permitting vehicles on certain CRTS designated roads in 19 counties, for imposing reporting requirements for coal shippers and receivers, imposing administrative sanctions for violations and collecting the nickel per ton fee for coal shipped in excess of 88,000 pounds on CRTS roads.

The Railroad Safety Section is responsible for the administration and enforcement of Federal and State safety regulations governing the transportation of persons and property by rail.

The Logistics Section is responsible for commercial vehicle enforcement on the West Virginia Turnpike and the scheduling of special patrols to high accident areas and the procurement and inventory of all supplies and equipment to support the Transportation Division, including all electronic equipment.

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